Jay Batista Water Media Design

Jay BatistaArtist's Statement

Deeply interested in that exact moment when a recognizable image deteriorates into bits of paper, foreign calligraphies and splashes of color, my work explores that mysterious moment of recognition and surprise. Collage and water media are expressive tools for the continuing exploration of design. While a superficial impetus is purely entertainment, to portray a unique image and touch a viewer, evoke a sense of emotion and provide a bridge between lasting images and the postmodern, the collaged landscapes and abstractions are created to engender both that initial recognition as well as, upon investigation trigger that surprising moment when the “picture” falls into its componential elements, and thereby provide a lasting sense of mystery, the undefined, the unreadable and the unknowable. Humor and Poetry are a part of the mystery, and I encourage viewers to expect more from visual entertainment: Art as soulful communication, art as new vision, art as a living emotion.